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Basketball is much more than a game. It is more than just winning and losing. Basketball is a tool to reach our young people. If done properly, it teaches our children about accountability, attitude, hardship, dedication, work ethic, and discipline. Basketball builds long lasting friendships with other players and the coaches provide role models whose guidance will be remembered by players the rest of their lives. The importance of a well organized program cannot be underestimated in the growth of our children. Children want to succeed and they respond to instruction, being held accountable, and discipline, if it is fair and nurturing.

Nygel Jones, (left) makes the game winning shot for Brown Mackie College, and (right) makes the game winning assist for North Side to clinch the conference title.   Nygel is a former MVP player, Exposure Camp scholarship recipient, and the perfect definition of how you can be successful when you are disciplined, work hard, and hold yourself accountable.

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