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Another major goal of MVP Basketball is to not only partner with various corporations to insure the financial success of the program, but to partner with local celebrities. Many of our events have included Judges, Mayors, County Sheriff, Policeman, Fireman, Politicians, Businessmen, Professional Athletes and Coaches, Television and Radio Personalities and Collegiate Coaches to name a few. This gives the program participants the chance to meet and interact with role models, people they read about and people they see on television. This is very important in expanding the limited boundaries that some of the student athletes are accustomed to.

MVP Basketball participated in  Z-Bo's 2016 July Celebration by helping to run the outdoor basketball tournament for kids.

NBA All-Star Zach Randolph participated in the MVP Program and has since given back to the program by coaching in the MVP Classic.

Zach, and his wife Faune, spent time with the players from the MVP team.  The 5th grade team went on to win the 7th grade championship and had a great time interacting with the NBA All-Star. 




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