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"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."  Theodore Roosevelt

All of our coaches and workers are hand picked to be a part of our program.  Each has a genuine concern for all of the program participants and share a goal of helping each child grow into a self sufficient and productive adult.  Each coach calls on their vast knowledge of the game of basketball to reach out and share with the players.  This is where a bond is created between player and coach.

Look at each of the photos.  Every coach has the full and undivided attention of their players as they teach and share knowledge with the players.  This respect is how the coaches are able to serve as positive role models for the children.

"Respect is earned.  Honesty is appreciated.  Trust is gained.  Loyalty is returned."


Mitch with former manager Tom Nukes.  Mr. Nukes treated everyone fairly, with respect, prepared us mentally to know, understand and think the game, and through repetitive drills he physically taught us to be sound fundamentally. In turn, players were successful, which made the team successful, which made the manager successful.  It is an easy, but appropriate model that our program continues to follow.

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