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Unfortunately, many athletes fall through the cracks and never achieve the success that wa available to them. This can be due to poor decision making, poor academic effort, poor life choices or having left another university. Fortunately, not all of these athletes turn out to be lost causes. Our Back to School Program offers these athletes a second chance. MVP searches for the athletes that are looking for a second chance and are willing to make the necessary changes in their life to achieve success.


MVP works with the athlete to help them attain their GED Diploma and

become a positive citizen. The student athlete is then helped on the

court to get in shape and fine tune their athletic skills. Once this has

been accomplished, the student athlete is invited to take part in the

MVP Collegiate Exposure Camp where we work to attain a basketball

scholarship for that individual.


One of the biggest MVP Basketball program success stories involved

a 6'9" basketball player that through poor decision making, never

played a single game of high school basketball. Once he was

determined to get his life on track, we helped him secure his GED,

acquired a basketball scholarship for him and sent him off to college.

In his second year of school, he was a team member of a National

Championship basketball team at the JUCO level. Upon graduation,

he received another scholarship to a 4 year school where he

completed his education. Today he is a self-sufficient family man.

Coach Mitch with Deuce Miller(L) and Darryl Woods(R), the first two student athletes to complete the Back to School Program and receive basketball scholarships.

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