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Individual player and team clinics are conducted to teach players proper fundamentals and to explain the finer points of the game. During all MVP Basketball Clinics, the players are first taught the proper fundamental mechanics, it is then explained to them why that is the proper way for better understanding, and then the players practice the drill with one on one tutoring. Players are taught that if you are going to do something, you should do it correctly. As John Wooden said, "If you do not have time to do it right, when are you going to have time to do it over?" Proper teaching and explanation will help that players growth and ultimate success.

Clockwise Left to right, Deshaun Thomas (Ohio State/Spurs), Jaylon Smith (Notre Dame/Cowboys), Scott Wood (North Carolina State/Warriors), James Blackmon Jr, (Indiana University/76ers), Caleb Furst (Purdue), and Vijay Blackmon, (Indiana University) are all past MVP and/or SAC program participants.

Camp staff with session award winners.  (Left to Right)  Ron Latham, Jon Barnes, Mitch, Nick Haines, Marcus Hassell, Zane Burke, Elijah Davis, Dominique Williams

Father / Son Workout Winners 

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