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Allen County Senior All-Star Classic

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This event has evolved into and features senior girls from both the private and public schools in the greater Fort Wayne area.  These games provide a forum for the players to compete one last time before family and friends in their hometown.   The All-Star Classic is designed to honor the student athletes for their hard work and dedication during the season, and over their career, both on the court and in the classroom. There are 18-20 members per team and each game is played using 25 minute halves to ensure enough playing time for all the participants.  The players are nominated/chosen by coaches, athletic directors and by  MVP Basketball.   The game's coaches are comprised of  distinguished and retired high school and collegiate coaches, local celebrities and former star players that volunteer because they enjoy helping the kids.


Once the rosters have been chosen each participant is sent an invitation packet.  This packet includes a certificate, invitation letter, and a tournament information sheet.  After each participant has confirmed their participation, the programs are completed and it is time to compete.  The games are played in a very festive atmosphere.

Click on link below to watch game


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