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In season Showcases have become a very popular opportunity for high school varsity teams to gauge their team talent while competing against some of the top programs in the midwest.  Generally, 5 or 6 games featuring 10 to 12 teams are played in a single day in a single location.  MVP Basketball looks to bring the Showcase concept to Fort Wayne.   Area varsity teams will compete against some of the top teams from Michigan, Ohio and Central Indiana.  The Showcase schedule also provides true fans  the chance to enjoy a full day of basketball.


Most importantly, the games also serve as a showcase of the top players.  These events draw a large number of collegiate coaches who are on the recruiting trail looking to offer collegiate scholarships to the deserving  and talented student athletes.  Again, anything that can be done to help a player receive a secondary education gives them the life long means empowering them to become self-sufficient.

MVP player, Sean McGee became his college conference's Freshman Player of the Year and more importantly, a two time 1st Team Academic All-American.

At a very early age, we started working with MVP player Scott everyday on his footwork, balance, and rhythm of shooting the ball.  He did it over and over the same way every time. Through his tremendous work ethic and attention to detail, Scott graduated from North Carolina State as one of the top 3 point shooters in the country and participated in the NCAA 3-Point Championships.  In 2017 he won the D-League 3-Point Shooting Contest.

Scott Wood
North Carolina State
Clippers / Lakers / Warriors

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