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The MVP Basketball program is known for its ability to lead student athletes to heights they had not been able to achieve. This is accomplished through creating a personal bond, building their basketball IQ, and focusing on the details that most coaches overlook or fail to recognize. MVP explains the whys to better educate the player instead of just yelling at players to "do something". One of our biggest program mottos is, "You have to be able to do something, to be able to do it". MVP makes sure the players know how. MVP takes players that were cut and builds them up to make the team, we take substitutes and turn them into starters and we take starters and work to turn them into stars.


Some of the past participants include:

Zach Randolph

Deshaun Thomas

Jaylon Smith

Rod Smith

VJ Beachem

Scott Wood

James Blackmon Jr.

Vijay Blackmon

Jalen Blackmon

Connor Essegian

Caleb Furst

Ayanna Patterson

Keion Brooks

Tre Crews

Dwight Richards

Julius Mays

Reggie Hearn

Courtney Moses

Jaymen Townsend

Aiden Lambert

Jaxon Pardon



Each of these student athletes completed, or are currently enrolled in college.

The MVP Basketball Program has partnered with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Fort Wayne to provide Fort Wayne's most unique and comprehensive basketball program.  By adding the components of the former SAC program, created by Joe Jordan, the current program now offers the student athlete everything that is needed for success.  We will build Academics through Athletics.

Tyler Arens

Lawrence Barnett

JaRob McCallum

Sean McGee

Chandler White

DaVron Williams

Tre Covington

Jayson Jordan

Justin Jordan

Austin Jordan

Andrew Michaels

Evan Blackmon

Jalen McCallum

Monte Smith

Jackson Paul

Brandon Durnell

Zane Burke

Luke McBride

Devin Lewis

Luke Goode

Josh Furst

Jack Ferguson

Justin Mitchell

Levi Mitchell

Nygel Jones

Jeremy Jones

Oosha Mitchell

Bryson Scott

Brenton Scott

DeMarian Smith

Frank Davidson

Marcus Davidson

Jimmy Davidson

Xavielle Brown

Kenny Mullen

Deuce Miller

Rapheal Davis

Domonique Williams

Dalman Alexander

Elijah Davis

Chase Barnes

Jevon Lewis

Rather than speak about being named the MVP of the first All-Star Classic, Julius Mays spoke with the media, "I never knew a lot of people in the county, and just like that we have become very good friends. It was fun and exciting to come out and play with them."


Julius Mays - University of Kentucky


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